Local Block Paving Installations in Wiltshire and Hampshire

With over 25 years experience of installing block paving, Sarum Paving has installed many block paved driveways in the Wiltshire & Hampshire areas. From paths, small parking spaces to block paved driveways in excess of 120 metres, our site manager has extensive experience in the installations of all types of block paving for both domestic and commercial clients. All installations are guaranteed for 5 years.

For a Free Quote or a friendly chat about your block paving project; please contact us on: 01425 837803; email: sharon@sarumpaving.co.uk or use the contact page to tell us more about your proposed block paving project

block paving driveway
brindle paving driveway Bishopdown Farm, Salisbury
block paving in Castle Road
Castle Road
block paving drive Devizes Road
Devizes Road
Block paving driveway in Laverstock
tegula paving driveway in Harnham, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Canadian Avenue - Charcoal Blockpaved Driveway
Canadian Avenue
Wilton Road - Block paving Driveway
Wilton Road
Block paving in Stratford sub Castle, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Block paving installation in Southampton, Hampshire
Patio installation at Roger Way Old Sarum, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Old Sarum
block paving driveway installation at Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
Sixpenny Handley, Dorset