Birou Garden Office 3 x 2 metresBirou Garden Office 3 x 2 metres


The modern Birou Garden Office measures 3 x 2 metres and would be ideal for a smaller garden. Constructed from sustainable Swedish Nordic Spruce the office features a modern laminated floor, outward opening triple glazed UPVC windows and doors for ease of cleaning and a unique three key locking system for additional security. Full product specifications for the Birou Office can be read/downloaded here


Birou Garden Office 3 x 2 metresThe Birou Garden Office is 3 x 2 Metres

  • Outward Opening Windows & Doors
  • UPVC Door & Windows
  • Triple Glazed
  • Laminated Floor
  • Insulated
  • Multi-locking system for security
  • Free Home Delivery

Additional information

Dimensions3000 x 2000 mm

FLOOR (U-Value 0.30 W/m2K)
• Waterproof Breather Membrane
• Wood Fibre Insulation
• Bearers: 40×100 mm – Pressure Treated3
• OSB: Thickness 18 mm
• Soundproof Barrier
• Laminated Floor: Thickness 8 mm
• Termite resistant
WALLS (U-Value 0.30 W/m2K)
• Exterior Cladding: T&G 19 mm thickness – Pressure Treated
• Battens: 28×45 mm – Pressure Treated
• Waterproof Breather Membrane
• OSB: Thickness 10 mm – already fitted
• Wood Fibre Insulation: Thickness 100 mm
• Timber Frame Structure: 40×100 mm, already fitted – Pressure Treated
• OSB: Thickness 10 mm
• Vapour Barrier
• Battens: 28×45 mm – Pressure Treated
• MDF: 10 mm Thickness
• Termite resistant
ROOF (U-Value 0.30 W/m2K)
• Laminated MDF: Thickness 10 mm
• Battens: 28×45 mm – Pressure Treated
• Vapour Barrier
• Glulam Roof Beams
• OSB: Thickness 10 mm
• Waterproof Breather Membrane
• No roof covering supplied as standard
• Termite resistant
uPVC CARPENTRY (U-Value 1.00 W/m2K)
• Tripleglazed
• Safety glass: 5 mm thickness
• Glazing: 40 mm thickness panels
• Gasket Seal: 2 layers (1 on the interior, 1 on the exterior)
• Secure locks: Multi point locking system
• Multichamber uPVC windows & doors
• Termite resistant
• Opening outwards



Once the order has been received you will be contacted so we can arrange delivery. We use 7.5-tonne vehicles or HGVs in accordance with the agreement we will have with you and based on road restrictions that might apply in the area. Our vehicles are equipped with a crane so there’s no need to offload by hand and we will drop it as close to the customer’s concrete base as we can.
We will offer 3 days’ notice of delivery so you can make personal arrangements, (e.g. time off work for the delivery or to organize the installation.) Please bear in mind, two people will be required on site in order to move the cabin, especially if the place where it is being installed is not easily accessible to the crane on the truck.