We often get asked if we can price a patio via email or based on a photograph and unfortunately the answer is no. Our site manager needs to visit the property to measure up and to see what base is currently down and what groundwork needs to be undertaken.

People often think that installing a patio is easy – just lay a few slabs and point-in, sadly it’s not as simple as that. It is very important that the groundwork is done properly, as like your house, your patio should be built to last on solid foundations. In order that the patio will retain its good looks an appropriate sub-base should be correctly installed.


What is a sub-base?

This is typically a layer of compacted stone aggregate, which is laid upon the sub-grade (earth) that will support the paving slabs that you have chosen. It is the main load bearing layer of your patio and its role is to spread the load and support the slabs evenly over the sub-grade.

Below is a typical example of how the sub-base will be made up. Actual products and depths will vary depending on the type of paving slabs you have chosen. The products are installed on sand or a good quality mortar bed depending upon the chosen product.

how your patio sub base is made up
















The pitfalls of an incorrect sub-base

If  the sub-base is insufficient to support the paving slabs or is wrongly installed the consequences can be problematic, as pictured below – Not  what you want your garden to look like!

patio with poor bedding
Poor Bedding
Poor support
Spot bedding giving poor support

Sarum Paving has over 25 years experience of installing high quality paving products and our site manager would be pleased to provide you with guidance on your individual project. Please contact us for a friendly chat and a Free Quotation, email sharon@sarumpaving.co.uk or tel: 01425 837803