Heritage PavingHow to choose the ideal paving slabs for your garden

There are many different paving slabs available and the choice can seem overwhelming. It is easy to look at a glossy brochure and be seduced by pictures of the idyllic house and garden and then realize that it doesn’t really work with your house and you’ve made an expensive mistake! So – how do you choose the perfect paving for YOUR home

Here a a few tips to help you:


Think about the style of your home. If for example you live in an old fashioned cottage it is unlikely that an ultra-modern urban patio will fit in. You also need to think about your personal style, do you like a traditional, modern or urban feel?

Garden Size & Usage

What will the patio area mainly be used for? Will it be entertaining, relaxing, sun bathing, an area for the children to play? How much space do you want the patio to take up and where should it be situated in the garden? If you enjoy entertaining outside, you might prefer a patio closer to the house, whilst if you’re aiming for a quiet, peaceful place to relax, further away from the house might appeal! If you have small children you might want a safe enclosed space for them to play or perhaps you’re retiring and would like a maintenance free area with raised flower borders.

In deciding on the position of the patio you should also think about what time of day it gets the sun,as you don’t want the sun to be the other side of the garden at the times you most want to use the patio. Think about whether you would like a circle or water feature. Do you want edgings or borders. Would you like to leave room for plants on the patio area. Will you need a retaining wall or steps, if so do you want them in the same materials?  Do you want just one sized paving or different sizes? You should also consider the laying pattern.

The style of paving will to some extent be dictated by the age and style of your property, the shape and size of your garden and your own likes and dislikes.


Paving slabs come in a wide range of pricing from the economy paving slabs to the high end Sawn Sandstone and Granite. You need to decide on a budget, don’t forget that as well as the cost of the slabs, there will be costs for groundwork, labour and any additional features such as steps, edgings and walls.

When deciding how much you want to spend it’s worth considering your home/lifestyle, if this is your first home or you’re planning to move in the near future you may want to go for a less costly paving slab than the top end of the range.

If you’re unsure of the cost, we would recommend getting two quotations, one for a low end and one for a high end product, this will give you a ballpark figure to work with. Once you’ve established your budget and have decided on the slabs that you like we would recommend visiting a local stockist and viewing the product where possible, as colours can vary from the brochure or on-line pictures.

If you would like some advice on your patio project, our site manager has over 25 years experience in installing quality paving products and would be pleased to assist you and offer guidance. Please contact us on 01425 837803 or email sharon@sarumpaving.co.uk